Digital Marketing Agency

Full agency service for digital marketing and advertising includes Premium Advertising, Video Advertising, Promotion Advertising,
Display Ad Network, DSP; all types of digital media Advertising
planning and its execution, and Online PR, etc.


  • Media Planning

    Our Media Planning Service will guide you to set up your KGI/KPI and provide you a goal-oriented strategic media plan.

  • Media Buying

    We provide Online Advertising Buying Service to help you better communicate and coordinate with any third parties before you make your ad investment.

  • Ad Utilization ・ Optimized Benefits ・ Results Analysis

    Our Online Marketing Service helps you to optimize your benefits from your investment in online media. Our timely tracking service makes your online marketing management become easier.

Social Media

  • Social Media Marketing Planning

    Our Social Media Marketing Planning Service will make and create a social media marketing plan based on our positioning management of the three main media namely the owned media, free media and paid media, plus the KPI and usage of the social media account.

  • Registration and Running of Social Media Account

    We will help you to register a social media account with basic settings, to design and create marketing material and will support you for your account daily running.


  • SEO Planning

    Our SEO Planning Service will give you guidance on how to set up and run the SEO in order to guarantee your online ads will be shown on the top of the searching results list.


  • Online Event Planning

    Our Event Planning Service provides you any kinds of online event planning and its execution.